95 millioni di anni

periodo: Cretaceo
posizione: Haqel, Lebanon

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In The Origin of Species Revisited, Wendell R. Bird states that the theory of evolution’s claim of intermediate forms is a fantasy: The geological record . . . tells now what it has told from the beginning, that the supposed intermediate forms between the species of different geological periods are imaginary beings, called up merely in support of a fanciful theory. (Wendell R. Bird, The Origin of Species Revisited, Thomas Nelson Inc, December 1991, p. 44) To date, the fossil research has never produced any intermediate-form specimen to support evolutionist claims. No fossil indicating a line of descent between species has ever been unearthed. Tang fish fossils, for instance, never have any semi- or half-developed organs. No matter how far back in time one searches, every fish fossil has exactly the same characteristics as those fish living today. The 95-million-year-old tang fish fossil in the picture is just one example.

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