78 milioni di anni

periodo: Cretaceo
posizione: Gan Su, Cina

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Darwinists have always produced false evidence in order to make their scenario of human evolution seem more credible, at least in their own eyes. Just a few examples include Piltdown Man, displayed for 40 years and then exposed as a hoax; Nebraska Man, whose entire life was reconstructed on the basis of a single molar tooth; Ramapithecus, portrayed as an intermediate form for 50 years; and Lucy, which is still depicted as an intermediate form, even though the invalidity of this idea has been clearly established and admitted by scientists. Darwinists attempt to trace the imaginary process known as human evolution from nothing. But all their efforts, all based on falsehoods, have been in vain. In contrast, paleontological research has revealed fossils of species that have remained unchanged for millions of years. This 78-million-year-old bear skull is one example. Since living things have never changed, and not even a shred of evidence supports evolution, all speculation to the effect that human beings also evolved remains groundless.

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