51 milioni di anni

periodo: Paleocene
posizione: Gao Xiong, Taiwan

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No fossil indicating that life forms share common ancestors has ever been found. In the fossil record, there is no sign that living things are in a constant state of change. Then why are Darwinists so determined to cling to their theory? Why do they insist of defending the idea that living things evolved, when there is so much evidence that they were in fact created by Allah? The reason is ideological. Defending the theory of evolution is of vital importance for materialist and atheist ideologies. No matter how much Darwinists persist in the theory of evolution, the fossil record constantly produces still more evidence that totally discredits it. The 51-million-year jackal skull pictured is one such example. The fossil reveals that, just like turtles, tigers, foxes, mink, lions, rhinoceroses and all other living things, jackals never underwent evolution at any time.

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